Sense of Scent Creative Task


Smell : In South Africa during the winter time everyone is in the house. They only really go outside to smoke cigarettes. When my cousins , aunts and uncles go to smoke a cigarette they would stand out on the porch with the only the screen door closed, so that they could still be in the conversation. And if you were in the house you would smell the sent of dull smoke. So now whenever I smell cigarette smoke I don’t think of it as a bad thing like most people because I brings back memories oflaughing and family.



Taste:  The taste of strawberries makes me remember being at my grandparents house and they had a strawberry patch. And my cousin and I in the summer would pick the little baby strawberries and store them in the tree house we had and eat them. My grandmother always got mad because she wanted to make jam out of them :).



Touch: The worst feeling to me is when the doctor ties the elastic ribbon around your arm to take your blood.  This brings me back to my memories of going through my blood disorder. Now I really do not like the feel of elastic .


Sound: The sound of keys juggling brings back the memory of my dad coming home from long trips. His job requires him to go on research trips for a period of time. His trips were a lot longer when I was little. So whenever he came home and he opened the gate to our house his keys would jiggle and that would tell me that he was home.


Sight: When I was younger I had a blood disorder and I would have to go to kapiolani hospital ever week and get my blood drawn and tested . The area that I had to be in was right next to the children’s leukemia ward. And I remember walking by that ward and my mom saying ” that is were the really sick children are” . So the sight of hospitals to me make me really nervous.




Proposal for Colour / Synesthesia Project

1. Review your DP courses (such as Psychology, Art, Music, Biology, Chemistry, Language A and the like)…which one do you think could tie in best to our explorations of color and/or synesthesia?

I will explore my color and/or synesthesia project through Art. The project that I am doing in Art right now will connect with this project. In Art right now we are working on a mixed media project and we get to come up with the whole concept.

photo 1-2 photo 3 

photo 2-3 photo 4-2 photo 5-2

Theses are pictures of my sketch book brainstorm about my mixed media project.

Concept: What is the realtionship between “good” and “evil”?

- The art piece needs to be in black and white, and I will try to communicate through TOK how things are not just Black and White or Good and Evil. There is a middle ground there. Good people do bad things and Bad people do good things. In society we assume that white = good, pure , gentle, kind and black = dark, scary , mysterious and bad. Through this project I will express that all humans are good and bad.

* To learn more about my research of my concept, feel free to look in my sketchbook for all the details.