A Playlist of My Life

The Songs in this video are :

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Lilo and Stitch Soundtrack

Call me, Beep me – Kim Possiable Soundtrack

Its Gonna Be Me – N*SYNC

Youth – Daughter

With or Without You- U2

Tous Les Memes- Stromae

Stronger- Britney Spears

Bills,Bills,Bills – Destiny’s Child


Each of these songs represent a very important moment in my life. The reason that I pick Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder for when I was born is because my parents told me that the night before my mom went into labor they had been listening to that song. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride was during the time that I was going into kindergarden and we had to preform that song for May Day. I remeber being so dedicated to this performace that I would wake up in that middle of the night and listen to the song on my CD player so I would know all the words. In 4th Grade the Tv show Kim Possiable came out. My best friend and I LOVED that show and would pretend to be Kim Possiable and sing her theme song Call me, Beep me. Now I cannot remember when my love for N*SYNC  began. But in my Twilight phase I was this crazy monster obsessed person that all I would think about is how Its Gonna Be Me ending up with Taylor Launter. Now, when I came to LJA in 7th grade I was in my peak awkward phase. I was really shy and strange. I still get a stinging in my eyes when I look at a picture of myself then. So I just used some random pictures of other awkward people but Youth by Daughter really is a perfect song for me during that time.  9th Grade was a really tough time for me becuase at the time I did not know how to deal with my anxiety and it started to get the better of me. Also a week before I started 9th grade my grandmother past away and I was having a difficult time coming to terms with her passing. So the song With or Without You by U2  really reprsents that time in my life. Ok, so driving for me has been a major thing in my life as of recently. And because I have anxiety with other things it started to come into my driving. So now I am starting to overcome that fear and Britney Spears Stronger just makes me feel like I can climb a mountain. Lastly, Bills, Bills,Bills by Destiny’s Child is just so sassy and spicey which makes it perfect for my senior year.

Language I.A Outline


Our main Knowledge Question is:

What is the power of language?


Our real life situation that got us thinking about our main Knowledge Question is:


The headlining news story about the school girls in Nigeria being kidnapped is what made me think of this knowledge question. Through the language of twitter the campaign to #BringBackOurGirls has been spread around the world. Story telling has become a major part of we learn and adapt to situations. The nature of storytelling as evolved through time. With new technology being invented the way we tell stories has become a way of life.  





First Secondary Knowledge Question (this should be one of the knowledge questions or linking questions you developed that would contribute to a further understanding of your Main Knowledge Question — the number of secondary Knowledge Questions is dependent on the number of people in your group.  Repeat this frame for each secondary Knowledge Question):

How has the “universal story” changed over time  ?


Claims/Contrasting Claims/Different Perspectives on First Secondary Knowledge Question:

This question will look into how the “universal story” has changed. And how we as a civilization have evolved in the nature of story telling. 

How is each Claim/Contrasting Claim/ Different Perspective Supported by what we learned in the TOK textbook, classroom materials and activities, and class discussion?


Each claim is supported by what we learned in class by really analyzing the details of what I know about how stories are being told. My presentation is a journey from old ways of storytelling to the present new ways. 

What are examples and stories that can help illustrate the claims and different perspectives you discuss for this secondary knowledge question?

What can help illustrate the secondary knowledge question is videos of different media and info-graphics. These will help get my point across and connect with people better. 

How does learning about this second knowledge question help contribute to your understanding the main Knowledge Question and a possible response to it?

This helps understanding my main knowledge question because by looking into how the “universal” story has changed it gives me a starting point to my research journey. From there everything intertwines with one another. With one point leading to the next, by the end of the presentation me and the audience will have a clear understanding of the power of language. 


How is this secondary Knowledge Question connected to your Real-Life Situation?

I have grow up in a household where the universal story has always been to be yourself. Growing up to German and South African parents has given me insight to different cultures and languages. Each culture has it own universal story that keeps changing and evolving. 


What is your answer to your Main Knowledge Question and what implication does it have for your real-life situation?

Language helps us with people around the world. The reason for language is to communicate, with the new resources that are being developed communication is becoming easier and faster. From the old school radio to viral videos, the way the we communicate is rapidly changing.

Sense of Scent Creative Task


Smell : In South Africa during the winter time everyone is in the house. They only really go outside to smoke cigarettes. When my cousins , aunts and uncles go to smoke a cigarette they would stand out on the porch with the only the screen door closed, so that they could still be in the conversation. And if you were in the house you would smell the sent of dull smoke. So now whenever I smell cigarette smoke I don’t think of it as a bad thing like most people because I brings back memories oflaughing and family.



Taste:  The taste of strawberries makes me remember being at my grandparents house and they had a strawberry patch. And my cousin and I in the summer would pick the little baby strawberries and store them in the tree house we had and eat them. My grandmother always got mad because she wanted to make jam out of them :).



Touch: The worst feeling to me is when the doctor ties the elastic ribbon around your arm to take your blood.  This brings me back to my memories of going through my blood disorder. Now I really do not like the feel of elastic .


Sound: The sound of keys juggling brings back the memory of my dad coming home from long trips. His job requires him to go on research trips for a period of time. His trips were a lot longer when I was little. So whenever he came home and he opened the gate to our house his keys would jiggle and that would tell me that he was home.


Sight: When I was younger I had a blood disorder and I would have to go to kapiolani hospital ever week and get my blood drawn and tested . The area that I had to be in was right next to the children’s leukemia ward. And I remember walking by that ward and my mom saying ” that is were the really sick children are” . So the sight of hospitals to me make me really nervous.